Our Mission
Our mission is to provide a means to help veterans cope with psychological and emotional issues through physical fitness training by providing veterans with access to gyms and fitness centers as well as a channel to connect with other veterans with similar goals. This will allow a positive and healthy outlet for veterans to deal with the issues that drive them toward mental health problems, medications, and addiction.
Why we are here
Today's military is an all volunteer force that is trained in battle and deployed to all corners of the earth to ensure that the freedoms we enjoy everyday remain un-threatened. This comes with great sacrifice. The physical and mental tolls, separation from loved ones, and stresses of combat are just a few of the burdens that these brave men and women face on a regular basis. Returning to civilian life after having endured these factors can be challenging to say the least. Many veterans struggle to find fulfillment in the day-to-day activities of a civilian lifestyle. Our goal is to help mitigate the risk factors these veterans face through a wellness model designed to promote phyisical and mental fitness.
We are in the process of updating our website so please feel free to check back often!